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Newsletter of Monica’s Bundt® Cake Co. 

The fun and beautiful “cake-scapes” are courtesy of our cake decorator, Damaris. She can turn cupcakes into works of art, sheet cakes into canvasses, tiered cakes (large and small) into extensions of the special occasions for which they were created. Come in for your next event and see what Damaris can create for you!Are you getting married or know somebody who is?Monica’s Bundt® Cake Co can make your event an special one. Stop by the store, have a sample of our cakes, and pick up a brochure to see how we can make your special day even better (if you’re going to get cake up your nose, it might as well be the best cake out there)!


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Do you find yourself strapped for time and in desperate need of one of our Bundt® Cakes (and who doesn’t)? You are in luck because 8 of the local Dillons stores are carrying our 8 inch Bundt® Cakes and smaller Bundtlettes® in their bakeries for you to take home today. Just head into your local Dillons and ask the Bakery staff where you can pick up a Monica’s Bundt®Cake.

Have you tried calling us lately?  The automated system has made it easier to leave messages for us after we have all gone home. As always, we will check messages and get back to you as soon as possible, but now it’s even easier!

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Bundt Tip for the Month – Bundts now come in many sizes~The Runt, The Glitter Cupcake, The Bundtlette, The Barbie Bundt, The Bundt Junior, 8 inch and 10 inch Bundt, Sheet Cakes, Layer Cakes, and Tiered Wedding Cakes!!!  A Bundt for any occasion.

Don’t be shy-ask for seconds.

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